The Berm Roller eliminates the hazards of tip-over while rolling berm. Unlike present rollers, the host vehicle remains firmly on the pavement while the roller moves to the berm, eliminating the possibility of tip-over and providing maximum operator safety.
• 3 point quick hook-up
• Powered by 12 volt remote switch box
• 12 volt over hydraulic valve
• All hoses are double wired weather guard hoses
• Hydraulics powered by PTO
• All construction is quarter inch or larger steel
• safety orange powered coat finish
• Plate will rotate 100º will tamp 22" to 48"
• Plate VPM 11,0000
• Force lbs 13,000

The Berm Roller
Saving Time, Money and Lives
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The Berm Roller
Verhoff Equipment
• Use it with a tractor and do two jobs at once, a broom on the front and the Berm Roller on the back
• The design on the machine works with the angle on the berm to give better compaction
• Attach and detach quickly, easily, and safely
• The Berm Roller is less expensive than compactors and rollers used today
• Complete Stress Analysis Report available
• Approved by the State of Ohio
• Reference 617 Spec in Construction and Materials Specification Book
• You can prepare water & sewer trenches from stone to the top with asphalt.

The Berm Roller and Tamper
Owners Manual
•Tamp moves to the side of the road while the tractor stays firmly on the road
• Insurance and medical costs are decreased
• Eliminates rollover
• Safer hook up with 3 point quick hitch
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The Berm Roller is Proudly Made in U.S.A.
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